Article Title: The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

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Igor Cornelsen is a renowned businessman born in 1947 in Brazil. In his young age, the individual went to study in a Federal University of Parana School of Engineering. The school was the only college that offered an engineering program in the entire Parana then. Cornelsen managed to get an opportunity in the school regardless of high competition. After studying for more than two years, Cornelsen moved his interest to study economics still in the same university. After finishing school, Cornelsen sought experience and implemented his skillfulness in finance and marketing in an investment banking. Economics was a common practice for many engineers in those days where there were no computers and calculators. The experts would calculate the compounded interest rate manually.

Igor Cornelsen was incredibly talented in the field of economics; a skill that earned him a chance to work as an investment banker. Due to his excellence in performance, Cornelsen acquired a job in Multibanco Board of directors and worked for two years as the chief executive officer. Later in 1978, Multibanco transferred its ownership to the Bank of America. Therefore, Cornelsen had to move his way to manage his various projects. The leader joined Unibanco of Brazil, a leading investment corporation.

After leaving Unibanco, Igor Cornelsen offered services at Libra Bank PLC. The London Merchant Bank paid Cornelsen using US Dollars, which was an excellent achievement for Cornelsen. The individual conducted a series of successful projects in the bank after which he moved together with some few associates into the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. In the Standard Chartered, Cornelsen offered financial advice and participated as a board member as well as taking the position of a delegate in Brazil country. The leader portrayed strategic leadership diversification as a board member for more than seven years. Later in 1995, Cornelsen left Standard Chartered and established own enterprises where he continues to work until today.

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