Bob Reina: Self-Discipline Leads to Success

Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, has a few profound sayings about entrepreneurial business. As a life-long hard working individual, Bob states, “In order to be successful it takes a commitment over a period of years, and I mean a lot of them.” A firm believer in hard work leading to achieving goals, Bob Reina worked multiple jobs while putting himself through school at the University of South Florida. This did not detract from his schooling; however, as he managed to graduate number one in his police academy class. He cites self-disciple, hard work, and maintaining a sense of humor as keys to his continued success.


A devout animal lover, Bob Reina brings his dogs (Shadow and Bindi) to work with him on a daily basis. It seemed a natural move to all around him when Reina began to support charities involved in the aide of animals. He is active with multiple non-profit efforts in his free time.


Talk Fusion is a developing technology company. It is considered a game-changer in the email marketing realm. The central idea of the business includes a development that allows for the creation and conveyance of short video clips as an email marketing tool. Utilizing a video as opposed to simple words on a page allows a potential customer to feel the brand personality and is the start of building a relationship. It is widely known that sales often boils down to the basics such as relationship building.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 and continues to thrive under the leadership of Bob Reina. Success was something that came almost immediately to the company. Reina cites the fact that he had the right product at the right time for his success with Talk Fusion. He invests in his employees and believes that he employs some of the best IT techs currently in the business.Learn more: