Body Surf review on Newswatch TV

NewsWacthTV is an award winning television program, in 2017 it won the Gold and Platinum Marcom Award for their nationwide show and the videographer award for excellence. In 2016, it won the Silver Telly Award. What makes this television program so grand is that it features various topics like consumer reviews and reports, financial issues, technology, celebrity interviews, and latest medical and government news. It is based in Washington DC and it broadcasts in the morning on AMC Network and ION Television.

There an app watch section of the show that talks about new phone applications, it focuses on finding and reviewing new mobile apps for phone companies such as IOS, Android, and Window devices. Some of the recent app watch included AZ Pest Control, Baby’s Brilliant, and Lord of the Dragons. Celebrities appear on the show to talk about their cause or charities they support some of them include Jennifer Lawrence, Cee Lo Green, and Julianne Moore. Some athletes have made an appearance on the show such as Jerry West, Jeff Burton, Joe Montana, and Phil Mickelson. One consumer review was on Bodysurf infused water.

Body Surf is a great way to beat chronic dehydration. It is certified organic, FDA approved and comes in a BPA free bottle. Plain water can get boring so Body Surf makes hydration healthy and tastes good. It comes in four exotic flavors such as strawberry mint, blueberry lavender, cucumber mint, and mango yuzu, yuzu is a Japanese lemon. Each bottle contains b vitamins which are good for you. It will quench your thirst and it is healthy for you too. It tastes delicious and keeps you hydrated without artificial ingredients. It has only 15 calories per 16 ounce bottle.