Brazilian Renown Lawyer For 10 Years

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer who has risen in added a new dimension to the legal system of his nation. He has made to himself an unprecedented reputation. This has come by his many years in legal experiences and vast knowledge in administrative law.

Since the year 2006, Bruno Fagali has been practicing in different law firms. In Nova/SB, Lawyer Bruno Fagali serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager. He also serves as an Independent lawyer in his own Agency firm, Fagali Law Firm.

Bruno Fagali, a Lawyer at Fagali Advocacy got his MA in State Law in the year 2017 from University Of Sao Paulo. In his undergraduate, he got Bachelors in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University Of São Paulo in 2009 and a Specialization in Administrative Law in 2012. His major legal markets are based in Brazil São Paulo Rio de Janeiro. Bruno Fagali has special skills in State Law, Administrative Law, and Parliamentary Law. He specializes in urban and compliances law. He has helped businesses that are developing and ensured that all the development is done in proper manners.

Bruno Fagali’s knowledge in law has helped a lot of people and companies that have been in need of Urban Law & Business Compliance Services law. In Urban Law, he has given his services to companies and communities that needed to developed law counsels in a simple easy way to follow. He ensures that the law is followed to the letter. This is important to avoid loggerheads with government agencies in their project involvement.

Bruno Fagali has advocated for Compliance rules. In these services, he has ensured that companies do not breach the law, do not force their agenda on other companies and or do not use their influence in an improper manner. He has advocated that companies follow the set rules and law. This has been possible because he has been there for them at all times. He has helped his esteemed clients make independent and informed choices and decisions.

The country of Brazil has grown over time and growing the because of the Olympics and World Cup. In the development on this, the Brazilians are in constant need of legal advisors. Bruno Fagali is advised a good number, he still does.

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