Dick and Betsy Devos as Change Makers

There have been many great personalities in the history of the world. Some of these personalities have earned eternal esteem both by the fellows and the governments. They have played such a part in the reformation and revolution in their country that history would never forget their services. Most of their services are centered towards helping the middle and lower classes of people in the society. They have often involved in non-profit activities purely for the betterment of the people around their area and the country. One such couple is the Dick and Betsy Devos. Both the life partners have always remained busy in the improvement of their area.


Both Dick and Betsy Devos belong to reputed and millionaire families. Both have revolutionary ideas about education and the set up of public and private schools. They have always tried for the betterment of their area, The Grand Rapids. During the 90’s, it was announced by the State government that they want to build a multipurpose sports and convention arena in the north of downtown. Dick Devos, who was about to assume the responsibilities of CEO in his family’s Amway Corp, stood up against this announcement. He, at once, picked the phone and started lobbying against this idea. This is because he wanted this sports and convention arena to be built in Grand Rapids.


He along with many other leading businessmen formed a Grand Action. This group of businessmen was at the back of all the developments in Grand Rapids. The formation of Grand Rapids City Market, convention centre, performance hall, and many other institutions revolutionized the area.


Dick and Betsy Devos have always tried to change the so-called institutions and the policies followed by these. Being mega-donors, their radical policies have shown an effect in making state laws, affecting education, and labor. They are the owners of Family Foundation that has given away about $138.7 million during 1989-2015. This huge aid was used in the promotion of art and culture, health and human services, churches, and policy initiatives to provide scholarships in private schools.


The couple has also given $12.5 million aid in the building of a grandchildren hospital that was named after Dick’s mother name Helen Devos. Being chairperson of Spectrum Corporate Board Dick Devos says that the construction of this hospital has saved people from travelling too far off areas for the treatment of the children. Instead, they can have the world-class treatment for their children without travelling and being off from their works.


The education reforms of both Dick and Betsy Devos are also a lot familiar to people. Dick Devos had founded a charter high school at Grand Rapids International Airport. This is a welfare school which is imparting quality education to the people of that area without any cost. Betsy Devos says that the education reforms of Dick and mine are on the similar track. We both want to provide the children from low-income families the same opportunities that our children are enjoying.


Although voters rejected DeVos sponsored constitutional amendment for setting up tax-funded vouchers to facilitate the poor children to study in private schools, yet they did not give up and tried the same for other parts of the country. The result is that 24 States of the country have these voucher private schools. Due to their advocacy for the schools, President Donald Trump had selected Betsy DeVos as US secretary of education.


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