DJ Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Discusses Career Highlights

The Chainsmokers are a DJ and production group based in New York City. The group consists of just two members, DJ Alex Pall and producer Andrew Taggart. Together, they have risen to stardom with their eclectic mix of EDM, electropop, indie, hip hop and various other genres that seamlessly blended into chart topping hits. When the Chainsmokers released their track “Closer,” Mathias Rosenzweig, an online editor and writer for V Magazine, spoke with the duo and asked them about their beginnings and how they wish to evolve as a group as their live shows continue to grow.

The duo’s single “Closer” features electropop songstress Halsey as well as singing by Andrew Taggart, his singing debut for the Chainsmokers. Taggart explained that the song itself was simply about the grittiness of hooking up with an ex and the sudden realization of why you’ve broken up in the first place. He and a pal wrote “Closer” while on tour and Alex Pall explained that Halsey was hands down the first on their list to sing on the highly anticipated track

Both artists shared that they were amazed how fast-growing their audience had become since forming in 2012. They went from entertaining a bunch of college kids at cozy venues to performing to massive audiences of all ages and gaining fans from all over the world. The DJ duo feel that they can no longer just play a set and mix it up like the olden days. They now shift their focus on creating unique live shows for their fans and have even hired a set visualist while on tour. Alex Pall shared that he pushes himself to make an elaborate performance at every show and finds great enjoyment that his fans have found a personal connection to his music and more.