Doe Deere- Pushing the Trend Forward

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, the famous brand of cosmetics. She is famous because of her choice of colors in her hair and makeup products. When interviewed, she said that she wanted to create something unusual. She expressed her desire to create a unique makeup brand. She wanted to go against the conventional approach and adopted colors like purple, pink and blue. That is why, her choice of makeup collection is considered magical! One can find different varieties in her makeup products that are not commonly seen in the society. She has recently launched a new unicorn hair dye keeping in view her old tradition. She has been associated with unconventional makeup colors since her 20’s.

Doe Deere is a professional CEO and founder of her lead brand Lime Crime. She involves fully with her team and takes a look on their activities. She guides them about work and always thinks about new ideas. She believes that ideas are like children that need to be nourished. She pays special attention to new things and believes in her ‘gut’ feeling a lot. She explains this to be her primary mode through which she takes her decisions. She makes sure that her dreams and ideas are given enough time so they can expand and spread. This seems to be the secret of her business and the cause of success of Lime Crime. She has also given value to one’s dreams and emphasizes the need to pursue one’s dreams.

Doe Deere can be considered a role model and example for those who want to go big in life. It could be a set example for those who want to go against the societal norms. She has also been helping others and given employment to minorities and women. Doe Deere does not only excel as an entrepreneur but also has a philanthropic side. She personally loves animals and has also contributed to donations and charities for animal’s rights. She has three cats as pets and she regularly donates to a charity where cats are taken care of.