Doe Deere talks about her vintage jewelry business

Doe Deere ventured into the business of cosmetics due to her interest in re-discovering her family heirlooms which had been passed down. She fell in love with the jewelry which gave her the ideas of creating jewelry designed for the girls who are living in the modern world but are into the colorful Victorian designs. Doe Deere says that her dream is to inspire other women through her work she is the soon-to-be mom who thinks we can live unapologetically in a colorful world. According to her designs expresses the beauty of women both inwards and outwards and help them their life perspective.

Poppy Angeloff Jewelry Company

Her company Poppy Angeloff involves in designing classy vintage jewelry that is sold globally. Color inspires her work which is a reflection on the colorful Victorian times. Doe Deere says that her sister was instrumental in the development of her company. She says that her sister thought that the idea of setting up a company to design vintage jewelry was fascinating as she loved to color as well and was instrumental in pushing Doe to invest in the company. Although at the time she was involved in the cosmetics business her sister made her change her mind and recognize that vintage jewelry could pay off for her as well.

She says it was not easy to set up the business as she took time to learn about the designs and the history of the jewelry she was going to design. As she conducted her research, she became certain that she was going to do the Victorian designed jewelry as these inspired her more. She is now confident that her heirloom-quality jewelry can be worn by everybody and can be passed down to other generations as well. The business has been her evolution as an individual and entrepreneur.

Doe Deere previous work before she founded Poppy Angeloff

Before venturing into the jewelry business, Doe Deere says that was known as the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics which she says is a vegan global cosmetics company. She also created the makeup line “unicorns” in 2018 which Doe Deere says is a cruel-free brand of cosmetics. The cosmetics line was an idea her husband had developed, and her fashion line named Lime Crime was operating online where she sewed clothes and sold them on eBay under the name.