Gregory Aziz: A Man with the Golden Touch


Gregory James Aziz started his life in London, Ontario on April 30th, 1949. At such a young age, he didn’t know that in the future he was going to be such a big part of the freight car manufacturing world. In fact, in the year 1968, his family stared the company Affiliated Foods. While Greg Aziz did not join their ranks until a few years later, there was a very business oriented atmosphere in his household. He went on to attend the Ridley college where he expanded his education and thought about his next steps. He knew that the business was where he wanted to be so, he enrolled at the University of Western Ontario and received a degree in Economics.

In 1971, he used that degree and his keen business sense to secure a position at Affiliated Foods. Even though Affiliated Foods was a family business, Greg Aziz proved that he would be an asset to the company and that he did, in fact, earn the position he held. He worked hard with the higher-ups and in just 16-year Affiliated Foods had become known worldwide. One of the things that they did that set them apart from their competition is that they started importing fresh food. Fresh importing had not ever been done up until this point, but it was a major hit with their consumers. This was a lesson Greg Aziz took with him in his next venture. Find More Additional Here.

In 1994, Gregory Aziz bought National Steel Car. The once great freight car manufacturing plant had fallen on hard times and he knew that he could bring them back up to their former glory. He immediately looked at the quality of their materials and work. He had learned from his previous business relationship with Affiliated Food that this was a major way to set yourself apart in the industry. He increased the quality standard of the material, which eventually lead to National Steel Car receiving the TTX SECO highest quality award in 1996. This is an honor that they still hold, and it truly reflects Gregory Aziz’s commitment to his company. In fact, National Steel car has grown in employees and production output throughout the years as well. Aziz truly took a little company that was on the decline and breathed new life into it. He has established himself as a leader in his field, and repeatedly shown that he truly had a golden touch when it comes to business.