Gregory Aziz And His Path To Success

Gregory Aziz is a successful businessman and CEO of the company National Steel Car. His story starts on April 30, 1949 where he was born to a family that made their living by running a business in fresh food. Greg looked to his family as his role model as he grew. He saw them pursuing success and dreams and he wanted to do the same.

He graduated from high school and decided he wanted to attend Ridley College. He applied and was accepted. He began attending and through his studies and discovered Aziz had a passion for economics. This was the subject he decided to major in when he moved on the University of Western Ontario. He studied hard and was very well-educated in the subject when he graduated. He decided he wanted to grace his family with his knowledge and education and could be of great benefit to them in their business.

He partnered with them in their company, Affiliated Foods. He worked hard and invested his time and money into them and by the time he was done, he had helped them to greatly expand. They began to be able distribute fresh food to the fresh food markets in the United States and Europe from countries like South and Central America. Gregory J Aziz was satisfied, and his family was extremely grateful. He moved on the United States to pursue other dreams. He started looking at investment banking opportunities. See This Page to learn more.


He suddenly found a company that he knew had great potential just by looking at it. Doing some research, he found the company was not operating like it could be. It was then he had the idea to purchase the company and this is what he did. In 1994, the company, named National Steel Car became the property of Gregory James Aziz and, while not overnight, he took it and grew it into a huge success. Whereas before his management, the company was only able to produce 3,500 railcars a year, by the year 1998, it was producing 12,500 cars annually.


Employment at the company also skyrocketed going from 600 employees to over 3,000. Today Greg continues to run his company which is recognized for safety, efficiency, and for being one of the leading rail freight car companies in the world. Greg resides with his wife; Irene and they have two daughters together. They are a very close family and extremely supportive of Greg and his continued success.