Heather Parry’s Prominent and Fascinating Works in the Film Industry

Heather Parry has been on the rise ever since taking over the position of President at Live Nation Productions. Her recent involvement in the hit movie “A Star is Born” came as a surprise to most people. According to Heather, having known Bradley Cooper, director of the movie, she saw the opportunity of a lifetime to venture. She then went to a dinner party set up at one of the producer of the film’s home, Bill Gerber. After a series of meetings, her company’s media marketing deck proved to be helpful to the film’s marketing. Heather Parry has pushed Live Nation Productions to its full potential promoting music-related films and documentaries. Some of her successful works include; Lady Gaga’s documentary “Five Foot Two” and Puff Daddy’s documentary “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story.”

Heather Parry

Heather’s first project at Live Nation was on a documentary about Eagles of Death Metal which became nominated for two Critics’ Choice awards. Heather Parry’s success is attributed to her ambition to take any opportunity present. Additionally, the vast number of contacts she established at MTV where she worked for more than a decade has proved an added benefit. Parry joined MTV News at twenty-two years of age, and she used her ambition to become its West Coast Bureau Chief. As the Chief of the West Coast Bureau, Heather Parry had the chance to get into producing and developing films such as “Get Rich or Die Trying” which featured 50 Cent among other films. Heather Parry became head of films at Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions where she worked for ten years producing films such as “Pixels” after departing MTV in 2005.

Three years later into heading Live Nation Productions, Heather Parry has ensured its success. With Maverick Management being housed at their offices, Heather Parry can work efficiently on several projects without leaving her premises and comfort zone.