How Fabletics Benefits from Reverse Showroom.

Fabletics is a firm that deals with fashion, primarily focused on producing workout gears for athletes. The company was as a result of an incorporation with TechStyle Fashion Group in 2013, which had experience in the fashion industry. Partners of Fabletics include Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. TechStyle fashion group provided the company funding and resources that included their employees who are Facebook experts, designers, and marketing professionals. Kate Hudson is always on the forefront to ensure the growth of the company into a stylish, reasonably priced and a quality athleisure brand across the world. Gregg Throgmartin acts as the president of Fabletics.


Fabletics incorporates a data-driven approach that runs the business, which helps them to identify products to be made, customer reviews, and type of commodities to be designed. Kate Hudson manages a group of designers to ensure their workout gears are up to date with the trending fashion. Kate is usually responsible for reviewing budgets of the company and selecting social media platform for marketing their merchandise. Data that run in the firm is used to link clients with outfits that suit them. Fabletics has earned an incredible reputation in the corporate world for their prices, which is almost half the amount compared to other companies in the fashion industry. It has an upgraded customer service department that ensures their clients are satisfied. More retailers have joined the business because of the quality of their product as well as their unique brand. In 2016 the firm recorded an increase of merchandisers by over six hundred percent. The outstanding performance of the fashion company regarding service and quality earned the company a top rating from Better Business Bureau. Within three years the enterprise has increased its production yield, making it have a monetary value of two hundred and fifty million dollars. Fabletics continues to ensure that it maintains being a fashion-forward athleisure brand.


The fashion firm has over one million members across the universe who visits their store either online or offline. According to Gregg, Kate Hudson ensures that their products are authentic. She wears Fabletics workout gears while going to the gym because she believes in the quality of the outfits. The firm uses reverse showroom where customers visit their stores to view their products but instead purchase them from other companies. This strategy helps Fabletics since it gains the company more clients, creates a good customer relationship and also assists the firm to know more about the local market.