How Gregory Aziz Has Been Able To Grow National Steel Car

To say that Gregory James Aziz is an influential figure in the railroad industry would be an understatement. This is because his company controls a large portion of the engineering and manufacturing or steel freight cars. Today the company has surpassed the 1999 capacity of 12000 cars annually that had industry players taking. This had been previously thought impossible give the three thousand five hundred capacity that the company had in 1994 when James Aziz first set out to acquire National Steel Car.

Born in Ontario Greg Aziz would enroll at the Ridley College he would later move to the University of Western Ontario where he went on to study Economics. This gave him a better understanding of how the world worked and what drove certain financial decisions within any company. After university, he would join Affiliated Foods a company that specialized in the wholesale business. As a family business, James Aziz was determined to leave the company better than he found it. Visit This Page for related information.

This would see him employ what he had learned at University and starting from 1971 when he joined he would help it grow into one of the largest importers of fresh food. The company developed a good working relationship with suppliers from South and Central America as well as Europe. This would then be distributed through a well-oiled network all over Canada and the United States. When he felt that he had achieved as much as he could within the company, he moved to the United States where he worked in a number of Investment banking positions. James Aziz would then initiate the purchase of National Steel Car then owned by Dofasco.

This company had shown signs of slowing down from a once leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars and Aziz wanted to turn it around and make it not only big in Canada but across North America. He understood the challenges of trying to revive a manufacturing giant especially one that dealt with steel products, but he knew that by employing the right human capital, technology, and capital investment it was doable. In the following years the now President and CEO ensured that there was improved customer relations and employees were sufficiently motivated to enable them to grow the company.

Aziz was committed to achieving engineering excellence and as such got the company ISO certified in 2008. This has been one of his highlight moments at the company. He is also proud of the number of jobs the company has been able to create within this period.

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