How Jeunesse Global has contributed to the evolution of cosmetics.

Jeunesse Global is a worldwide company that deals in products and services to do with great and youthful appearances and leading a healthy life as an individual. The company’s architects are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The idea of the company came during Randy’s knee treatment at a doctor’s practice in California. The doctor, who sold an anti-aging serum, was encouraged by both Randy and Wendy to trade his formula for expansion, hence the beginning of the company.

Jeunesse Global has been in operation for nearly a decade now since its founding. It has its base in Florida and has hundreds of employees. It also has a well-structured product distribution network around the global hence its generation of millions of profit yearly.

Extensive scientific research has been carried out to develop products that control aging, enhance skin care, and ease fitness activities; all of which work to maintain a healthy living standard and good looks. Jeunesse products are not just about improving the physical appearance of an individual, but also the mental health in matters to do with esteem as one’s potential to have great looks is unlocked.

Jeunesse Global is mostly known for its anti-aging products. One such product is the Luminesce.

Luminesce is a skincare product developed under the scientific study on the skin cells’ behavior. It does not just give the skin a radiant look but also has a substantial and moisturizing effect. It works by renewing cells at the surface of the skin hence the skin gets rejuvenated. It also has nutrients that work for skin replenishment.

Another such product is the Jeunesse Instantly Ageless. It is a lotion that was purposely developed for application on the face. It is meant to deal with the aging characteristics. The cream fills in wrinkles, facial lines, and aging pores on the face. Its users should always remember that its effect does not have a permanent impact on the skin. The product is ideal for a short-term fix, e.g. can be applied when one is having a night out with some friends or during an event that involves taking a considerable number of high-quality photos.