How Micheal Burwell Hopes To Transform operations At Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell was recently appointed CFO at Willis Towers Watson. His o0fficial announcement was made by the company’s CEO who was quick to not given his past achievement and experience he would be tasked will with helping the company achieve continued growth and ensure that it continues to offer services to all the 140 countries it currently serves.

With a portfolio of clients who have more than 120 Billion in assets, it is essential for Willis Towers Watson to get it right. For this to happen, the company realized that the one person in charge of some of their most critical financial decisions had to be someone who could be relied on entirely and had sufficient expertise in finance to make them.

Michael Burwell met all this criteria’s given his thirty years in finance. He has worked for PwC for the better part of his life moving from the audit department all the way to Vice president of Global and U.S. Transformation. This and his academic credentials as a Certified Public Accountant would add to his resume as the right person for the job.

The industry has become more competitive than ever, and one of the most important things that Michael Burwell has been that he brings an “outside perspective” into the company. He has not been with the company for long and given this fact, as he learns the systems he will be able to appreciate them while critiquing those that would do with certain improvements. This, in the long run, will help Willis Towers Watson in the provision of services worldwide.

Michael Burwell is an early riser opting to wake up at 5 am on a daily basis. Michael Burwell ensures that the first thing he does is making his bed. For him, this simple task gives him a sense of accomplishment even before the day starts. As he cycles to work, he will use that time to plan the day and at the same time reflect on yesterday’s failures and triumphs and come up with a strategy on how to improve in future. He is also an adherent user of flip board where can see the day’s events in real time. See This Article for additional information.