In The Life of Alex Pall

Alex Pall is apart of the duo, “The Chainsmokers”. He started out djing when he was younger and it was his passion. It was his side job until he met his partner, Andrew Taggart and he quit his main job to pursue his dreams. He wanted to be sure people enjoyed his music and can feel the love he has for it. Alex also writes his own lyrics along with his partner. He is apart of every aspect of his art and loves it. He is a storyteller. He doesn’t just want to put together songs on an album and it doesn’t sound right. He wants the album to tell a story and his audience understands what he is doing. Alex often goes on Instagram to see what the audience is connecting with his music. They are becoming international and he feels great because different types of people are enjoying his music. They write the music for themselves. For their shows, they always try to give a different experience to their audience instead of doing the same thing over and over again. It’s all about giving people new things to experiment with his music.

Alex Pall turns to Peti Lau to help with decorating his beautiful Hollywood Hills home. We give you an in-depth look at the Grammy award winners lovely home. Peti Lau says, “A home is defined by moments”. Each room has a different theme to it. There are pieces of different cultures in each room such as things from China, Africa, India, Japan, and much more. In his kitchen area, it has an 80’s theme to it and includes a rainbow lightbox. You would think you could walk off of the 1980’s soap “Dynasty”. There is also a neon sign made for the groups the first appearance on “Saturday Night Live”.