Jana Messerschmidt, an Expert Investor, Joins Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Messerschmidt is a widely experienced computer engineer with a profound interest in investment. Throughout her career in the communications and computer technology sector, she has held several leadership roles including sales and marketing, business development, platform operations, and partner engineering.

Recently, Jana Messerschmidt joined Lightspeed Venture Partners as one of the investment partners. The decision comes after many years of service with the world’s renowned social media platform, Twitter. During her stint at Twitter, Jana Messerschmidt applied her expertise to propel the company to the apex of the communication industry.

According to the prolific investor, the Jana Lightspeed shift is one of the most important decisions in her investment career. Join the team at Lightspeed Capital has provided her with a great opportunity to complement her abilities, weaknesses, strengths, and explore new opportunities in her career. The opportunity, according to her, will also enable her to make an indelible mark in her career as a partner in the company.

One of the reasons which informed her decision to join Lightspeed Venture Partners was the team culture and mentality, which the company has steadfastly cultivated since its inception. Lightspeed has embraced investments in investor pairs, which made her transition from operating to investing a walk in the park.

Another motivating factor, which motivated Jana Lightspeed shift, was mentorship. According to the engineer turned investor, mentorship is crucial, especially when joining a new firm. The team at Lightspeed offers an excellent opportunity for her to shape and influence her development as an investor. Her previous interaction with the company’s team has demonstrated its commitment to a great future for the company.

Jana Messerschmidt also cited the need to acquire complementary skills as another reason, which influenced her decision to join Lightspeed Capital Ventures. Joining hands with skilled investors like Jeremy Liew and Alex Taussig brings a new experience to her career, which serves to complement her operating background.