JD.com Has Historic Drone Flight In Indonesia


The government of Indonesia allowed JD.com, or Jingdong Mall, one of the largest retailers in China, to fly a drone for the first time in their country.

This first flight is meant a precursor to having drone delivery in Indonesia as well as the rest of Southeast Asia. If this flight is successful, Indonesia and other governments in the area could start approving other flights. There were Indonesian government representatives from the Ministry of Transportation, Civil Aviation and Air Navigation at the time of this first flight. This flight was announced at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

This historic first flight happened on January 8, 2019 and took off from the village of Jagabita in West Java, Indonesia. It delivered backpacks and books to the MIS Nurul Falah Leles School. These supplies were part of an even larger donation to this school.

Jingdong Mall is known for its philanthropic activities. When a natural or unnatural disaster in China, Jingdong Mall uses its national logistics and technology to help the survivors of the disaster.

JD ID is an e-commerce version of JD, is one of the first companies to do e-commerce in Indonesia. JD ID’s e-commerce operations started in this country in 2018. So far, the company has sold 1 million SKUs and has served about 20 million consumers in the country. It has a logistics network that has ten warehouses on seven different islands. The network connects 483 cities and 6,5000 counties.

Indonesia is a country of many different islands spread across a large part of the Pacific ocean. Drones would make it easier for JD ID to make its e-commerce deliveries. It would also make it easier to move their products from warehouse to warehouses. Eventually, JD ID wants to be able to have their products reach their customers the same or the next day. It also wants to help with disasters that occur in Indonesia. See This Page for related information.

Jon Liao, a JD.com Chief Strategy Officer, believes that this flight is an historical moment in the history of Indonesia. His company has been using drones to deliver in China. It hopes to continue its success with drones in Indonesia.


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