JD.com’s Environmental Impact Honored By SEAL Awards

JD.com or Jingdong declared that it will be receiving the SEAL Award 2018. This will see it brush shoulders with other top international companies. This company is among the leading technology-driven e-commerce and retail infrastructure service providers in China.


The SEAL award is a witness to the company’s endless commitment towards environmental causes, contribution to social innovation as well as its impact in “Corporate Social Responsibility”. For five years now, Jingdong’s CSR team has been working with the company by creating and putting into action programs that are geared towards sustainable development. This has seen every segment of the company starting from the product creation to packaging and sales until delivery is carried out with precision so that the impact of the company to the society, in the long run, is positive and sustainable.


JD.com was considered for the award because SEAL Awards concentrate on organizations that regard highly sustainability, environmental achievement as well as leadership. As JD.com will be receiving this award it will be joining the great names such as Nike, Apple, Seventh Generation, Impossible Foods, Patagonia and Samsung.


The head of CSR, Mr. Libo Ma, mentioned that the company will be honored to receive the award and join the likes of other great leaders who are for corporate sustainability. The award to the company is a great reward for their endless efforts towards poverty alleviation, social innovation and education, and environmental protection. He continued to add that the most important belief for JD.com is its responsibility to improve the society without ceasing. Refer to This Article for related information.


The founder of SEAL Awards, Mr. Matt Harney said that the recycling initiative of JD.com got the highest environmental impact score from this year’s judging panel. The impact metrics of the program extends to over 47 cities in China. Mr. Harney continued to commend the leadership of JD.com for leveraging its huge customer base as well as its logistics network to come up with useful sustainability improvements in the world.


SEAL Awards is an organization that advocates for environmental sustainability and celebrates leaders in businesses for their efforts towards combating climate change. The organizational pillars for SEAL are Environmental Research Grants Program, Business Sustainability Awards, and Environmental Journalism Awards.


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