Jim Larkin achievements in Trade Unions

Jim Larkin is well known as a fighter and devoted communist. He championed the Irish people compensation rights and won in various occasions. Jim Larkin believed in the principles of employees receiving fair, and equitable pay informs of salaries and wages. Jim Larkin was born in 1876 in a low-income family. He didn’t have a chance to get the formal education. Jim Larkin could do various odd jobs to earn a leaving. He once worked as a docker and a sailor.

As he performed his manual and casual jobs, he climbed the ladder and became a foreman in Liverpool. He was much involved with the fair treatment of the employees. As a foreman, he treated his employee with dignity, and he fought for their rights so that they can receive fair pay. He was committed to giving workers conducive working conditions which saw him becoming a socialist. Jim joined and became a member of National Union of Docks Laborers (NUDL). Eventually, Jim contributions as a socialist made him become an organizer of the trade union.

As a trade union organizer, Jim Larkin established and formed the Irish Transports & General Workers Union. Larkin aimed to make both skilled and unskilled Irish Industrial workers become members of one union and work together towards their welfare. As a man of great vision for employees, Jim Larkin came up with an idea of forming political program in partnership with the trade union that would only allow workers to work for eight hours in a day. The political program had a provision for workers to receive pension benefits when they attain the age of 60 years.


Jim Larkin was a champion of the trade union. Jim championed for the compulsory adult suffrage, transport systems like railways, nationalization of canals, arbitration courts among others. He was committed to ensuring the Irish people had a good life. Together with James Connolly, they formed the prominent trade union by the name Irish Labour party.

As a leader of the Irish Labour party, Jim Larkin led workers through a series of major work strikes with Dublin Lockout in 1913 being the most prominent one. The Dublin Lockout had over 100,000 workers who fought for their rights. The strike went on for more than seven months however it yielded good returns including fair payment terms and social benefits. Jim Larkin had the power to influence employees through his speech he had a large number of followers. Jim Larkin continued to serve as a socialist by supporting Irish workers until he passed away in 1947.