Jim Larkin – On topic article

James Larkin widely known as Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, England between the year eighteen seventy four and eighteen seventy six. With a poor background he therefore had almost no formal education. As a youth, he worked from job to job to help supplement the family needs. During one of his search for jobs, he acquired the position of a foreman at a harbor. There, he was able to join a labor union known as National Union of Dock Laborers which was fighting for rights of employees. Being a socialist, he immediately began to steer strikes which forced him to be transferred to Dublin because of his methods. At Dublin, Jim Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union which aimed at bringing together all Irish industrial workers with and with no skills to fight for their well-being. Among other policies, the union wanted unemployed workers to be given jobs, eight hours of work per day to be legal, nationalization of transport means and pension for workers at sixty years and above. As a leader here, he led a successful strike of over one hundred thousand employees for eight months before their demands were met.

Furthermore, Jim Larkin got married to Elizabeth Brown with whom they had four sons. When the First World War broke out, he advocated for anti-war encouraging people not to fight for other lands but instead to help their own country grow. IN nineteen fourteen, Jim Larkin traveled to United States of America to raise funds to fight the Britons. There he continued with his activities becoming a member of Socialist Party of America and Industrial Workers World. He was later deported to Ireland from America for communism and anarchy. Back in his country, Jim Larkin formed Workers’ Union of Ireland and he got membership in Irish Labor Party years later. Additionally, he acquired recognition from the Communist International. His fight for workers benefits continued until his death in nineteen forty seven.