JojoHedaya is a successful business entrepreneur at only the age of 24 years. Jojo is the CEO of Unroll.Me which he co-founded with Josh Rosenwald. He is passionate about his work and believes in working hard. He encourages and mentors his employees from time to time. Josh and Jojo attended the Brooklyn College where they met and became friends. They shared the same birthday and even had the same BlackBerrys. They also had many other things in common such as studying at private Jewish high schools. JojoHedaya was the Vice President in College and was actively involved in student’s lives. He is married with one son and loves spending time with them when he is free.

Hedaya and Rosenwald had struggles when it came to finding important emails as their inboxes were flooded with junk files from their various subscriptions. They thought of a way of compiling the subscriptions without doing away with them entirely as one can get good deals from the subscriptions once in a while. They, therefore, came up with Unroll.Me, an app that organizes the user’s emails. It does away with spam messages, unsubscribes from unnecessary emails, and also makes the inbox more presentable. Unroll.Me comes with The Rollup that compiles all subscriptions into one email making it easier to access them. A user can pick a time that is favorable to them for when to read the Rollup. Unroll.Me has millions of users and is preferred to other apps similar to it due to its simplicity. It is not complicated like other apps which give users a hard time. Although both Josh and Jojo did not graduate, they do not advice anybody to drop out of college as education is important. They also think that to emerge victorious in business; one has to have the necessary skills that can only be gotten through experience.

JojoHedaya advises entrepreneurs to not get comfortable after being successful but should always thrive to work on several other things at once. Despite Unroll.Me being purchased by Spice, Jojo still works as the Chief Product and Consumer Officer. He oversees the operation of the business ensuring that everything goes according to plan.