Kim Dao Attends a Festival in Sweden

Kim Dao shopped in Stockholm with one her YouTube subscriber. Kim Dao met up with a woman who had attended the Korean meeting back in July. Around August 11th, Kim Dao and friends went to a Korean Festival in Sweden. There were many small tents up, so vendors could sell their food, clothing, and other wares. Kim Dao was thrilled to see a tent for K Fashions. On a stage, there was music and slow dancers there to entertain.


Kim Dao and friends went a Hawaiian restaurant for a tofu bowl with cheese, fruits,and vegetables. Afterwards, Kim Dao went shopping to buy gifts for relatives. She saw a pillow in the shape of a donut with a hole in the middle and icing. Dao passed on a hot dog in a bun pillow that she thought was cute. There was a smelly, stuffed moose. For her human relatives, Dao purchased some chocolates, jam, chocolate chip loaf cake, and more. Kim Dao found some Harry Potter and Pokémon clothing and accessories in Stockholm. There was some ice-cream that looked like large, pastel Hershey’s kisses. The store al ,so carried homemade chocolate disks. Learn more:


After a busy second day, Kim Dao and friends had dinner at Tappas where they ate quesadillas, on the third day, the weather was cloudy and a little rainy. Dao joined a friend ,Empar, at Holy Monkey for some lunch. The two ladies walked around a little and saw Stockholm’s city hall. It looked like red brick church or schoolhouse.