Kimberly Bakker : CEO, Event Planner And Mother


Who is Kimberly Bakker and why is she one of the most sought-after event planners in the San Francisco area? As a college student at the University of Southern California, Kimberly Bakker was always part of organizations that required her expertise in event planning.

From her days as an Advocate for the Women’s Panhellenic Board to her time as the protocol officer for the mayor of San Francisco, there is no doubt that Kimberly Bakker brings a plethora of experience to event planning industry.

We caught up with Kimberly Bakker herself to learn a little more about one of the countries most revered event planners.


How does a morning for Kimberly Bakker begin?

Bakker states that her morning begins before the sun is even up, unlike most people who hit the snooze button, Kimberly Bakker is up and ready to tackle the day. She comments that in addition to making sure her to-do list is ready, the time spent with her daughter in the morning is one of the most important things for her. She further adds that this morning routine with her daughter is very sacred to her and a thing she cannot take for granted.


What is one trend in the news that excites you?

Kimberly Bakker comments that the rise in the legalization of cannabis-based products has caused a stir within her events. She recalls adding these products to her events in order to have professional educate the party goers on the potential positives that come from cannabis, including curing insomnia, body aches and more. As the acceptance of cannabis continues to grow, so will her inclusion of these products into her events.


Any advice for younger readers?

You cannot control how others perceive who you are, only you can control that. Therefore, Bakker urges young women to have confidence in themselves and go after their goals without having to worry about seeming “bossy”. If you have a goal, go after it and don’t care about what others thing. Read This Article for more information.


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