Kimberly Bakker’s Event Tips For Beginners


Another page on the calendar turned, means a new set of holidays are approaching for Kimberly Bakker.

Kimberly Bakker is s professional event planner based out of the southern California region, where she is a local icon for creating unique events. As a child, she grew up entranced by the possibilities of what happens when many moving pieces all intersect for a big event. Now as an adult with her own daughter, she wishes to impart that passion onto her child. She recently meet with Chronicle of the Week to discusses several basic tips for an individual to make their own event.

As an individual who has been doing this professionally for years, Kimberly Bakker has come to realize the simplest way to create an event. It all begins with the classic pen and paper. Bakker strongly encourages the host to write down whatever comes to mind. The guests, food, and important items are all aspects that need to be considered. This piece of paper, or a list, will act as a reference point for bringing the event together. The other key aspect to consider is how to ensure everything is assembled in a timely manner. She encourages asking for help. It will make the experience feel like a team effort, and bringing everyone closer. Go To This Page to learn more about Bakker.

Despite all the planning in the world, the event day will come faster than you think. Once everyone has arrived and mingling, there are still last minute aspects to consider for the experience. Background music, lighting, and object placement are all key aspects to encouraging meaningful socialization. Small adjustments can have profound impacts on guest enjoyment. Kimberly Bakker has boiled the event experience down to its smallest pieces, and attempted to create events that highlight these areas. She is a popular choice for local planning.


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