Louis Chenevert Implementations in the Business Sector

Louis Chenevert is a prominent entrepreneur in Canada; he has extensive knowledge and skills on how to run any business hence he takes his time to enlighten upcoming investors on the right way to make investments to avoid losses in the company. He is Chairman and the CEO of United Technologies Corporation where he has worked since 2006. His promotion in the company was gradual and based on his contributions to the company. He was also the production manager at the St. Therese motors company where he served for about 14 years. He has always been devoted to giving his best in every job given. While working at Pratt and Whitney, Louis Chenevert served as the president of the company.

To give back to the society, Louis Chenevert has participated in various committees including Goldman Sachs and Cargill where he is the executive advisor sharing his ideas on h how to improve the business sector. He received this education and expertise from the University of Montreal where he was able to pursue a bachelor in Production management.

Louis Chenevert has transformed the way of thinking of many people by sharing his point of view. He shared how technology has changed many businesses. Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. For many businesses technology has led to unemployment of people as machines have taken over doing work previously done by people. On the other hand, Technology has transformed business as they can conduct big jobs over a short period of employment.

Also, Louis Chenevert explains his expertise in business on how investors should consider investing in their employees. He proposes establishing new scholar programs for the employees to be equipped with skills and knowledge on how txes being enrolled into a scholar program and by the time they graduate they can invest their skills in the company. He also encourages team building among employees and the management team. They should collaborate to share ideas and solutions to future problems in the company to ensure it’s a success.