Louis Chenevert Visionary Leadership at Pratt & Whitney

Louis Chenevert was a Canadian businessman with a profound influence on every business organization that he has been part and parcel of. As a semi-retired, Louis Chenevert usually spends his time as an exclusive adviser for Goldman Sachs. He also spends time pursuing his interests as well as spending some good time with his family. I know your main question at this juncture is what he Used to do before he retired from the aerospace industry. To respond to this question, I would merely clarify that he was working towards changing the way in which businesses carry the production. He altered the way in which the aerospace industry operated forever.

The story of Louis Chenevert origin is straightforward. He got engaged in General Motors after his graduation in HEC Montreal where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in product management. His input at General Motors was excellent and productive. He was quickly promoted due to his outstanding skills, and soon he was serving as the Production Manager of ye company. A little longer after his, Louis Chenevert was promoted to Production General Manager where his primary role was to oversee the production on a large scale within this company. He was set to serve in this post for 14 years.

As he was in service for this company, he got another opportunity to shift to a different field. This was Pratt & Whitney which was an aerospace manufacturer. This company was in demand for real change of leadership. He moved from the General Motors and shifted to Pratt & Whitney to serve in their Canadian Branch. This was in the year 1993. At this juncture, the economy of the Pratt & Whitney was poor and wasn’t working well at all. Thanks to Chenevert commitment and dedication. It was through his insight that he managed to guide the company to upgrade their processes. Following this upgrade, Pratt & Whitney market share in the aerospace industry began to grow, and within six years, Louis Chenevert was made the President of this company. It has been a great achievement having him as the president of the company as many developments have been done and the company attained a stable economy.