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Willis Watson Towers has just announced that Michael Burwell will that Roger Millay’s place as the Chief Financial Officer in the company. The made this decision due to Millay deciding to retire thus leaving the position vacant. Willis Watson Towers is an advisory and broking company that guides people from risk to success in their endeavors. They have many clients all over the world. They can maintain the clients that they have through their staff’s hard work and dedication. Since Michael Burwell is joining the team of staff, they are looking forward to the expertise that he will bring to the company.

Michael Burwell has been working in finance for a very long time. He has over 31 years of experience under his belt. Before he was added to the staff at Willis Watson Towers, he served as the Chief Financial Officer, Head of Transaction, and many other senior-level finance-related positions in business. It is believed that Michael Burwell will be a great asset to the company during a time where they are looking to achieve new heights within their company. Since Burwell has 12 years of experience in transaction in 11 years of experience in auditing, they believe that he has the skills necessary to shift the company as a whole.

Before Michael Burwell got involved in the world of business, he became a Certified Public Accountant. Along with becoming a Certified Public Accountant, Burwell graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He has used the information that he has learned over the years to manage big national and global accounts. The work that he has done nationally was so great that he was able to receive more prominent positions and recognition for the work that he did. Accomplishing the task that he has been given are managed by him realizing that utilizing what he has able can yield him great results.

Burwell has been able to excel because he knows that there is a lot of new technology available that can help him be productive, but he doesn’t necessarily need it all to be successful.

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