National Steel Car: How It Attracted More Investors And Business Partners

The National Steel Car is a Canadian firm that specializes in the creation of train cars, also known as rolling stocks. The company was established in 1912, and they are currently on their 106th year of operations. The investors living in Hamilton over a century ago saw the advantage of opening a rolling stock manufacturing business in the city, especially with the news that the Canadian government will be constructing a series of rail networks that would connect the eastern and the western cities of Canada.


Despite being one of the most profitable businesses in Canada during the 1920s, the National Steel Car was struck with a series of misfortune, beginning from the Great Depression that crippled the business and almost shut it off. Then, during the Second World War, the company was encouraged by the Canadian government to help out with the war efforts, ordering them to build war vehicles and weapons. Through the profit that they earned from the war, the National Steel Car began to change the direction of their future and started over under their new owners – Dofasco. See This Page to learn more about Aziz.

The company was under the control of Dofasco from the 1960s to the early 1990s. A series of negative prediction for the rolling stock manufacturing industry created a negative impact on the company. Dofasco does not want to gamble, and they immediately sold the business to Greg Aziz who bought it in 1994. The new owner of the company pledged that he would be doing everything to restore National Steel Car to its former condition, back in the 1920s decade.

He conducted a series of studies on what needs to be done for the National Steel Car to undergo a resurrection. Aziz began with promoting the remaining employees as trainers and hiring an additional 2,500 individuals from their recruitment centers scattered around Hamilton. The tenured ones trained these new employees, and in a short period, most of the new hires know how to create a rolling stock.

The current number of employees working for the company is at 3,000, and it is expected to climb further as the company decides to hire new people to help with the production. The 2017 record shows that there are 12,500 rolling stocks created by the National Steel Car every year, and Greg Aziz is hoping that his products would reach not only the United States but also other countries overseas.


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