Gregory J Aziz was a student at a particular college in Canada by the name Ridley. This is one of the places, among a university in Western Ontario that made Greg James Aziz into who he is.

It was not so long after graduating that Greg Aziz walked over to Affiliated Foods with a request to work there. The company was owned by his family, but Greg wanted to know how it felt to be an employee, and how rewarding it would be for him. He then desired to know how well to give people commands and not only guide them but also rule over them.


Affiliated Foods is today recognized by not only the world map but also world markets due to the relentless efforts of James Aziz. He was new to management but was able to bring transformation to the company at unimaginable levels. The business that had done food distribution in a few countries was soon to boast of international recognition and connection. James Aziz made this possible through his hard work and proper organization of the company. Aziz managed well the assets. Affiliated Foods being his first experience, he left it after 16 years to try out something else.


Gregory J Aziz knew that there were many opportunities that were waiting for him to exploit. He did not wait but instead went ahead to seek them. Business is more about how well you know how to do it, and how much you understand about it. It is about the amount of risks you are willing to take and the length of time you want to work with it. A business is about how wealthy you want it to make you, and how much you are going to reap from it. Go Here to learn more.


Greg Aziz specialization in economics boosted his knowledge in business. His transformation of the family business will be a surprise to many who do not know him well. However, those who have been with Greg and known him all their lives will know that the knowledge he gained, added on to his inborn skills, have always made him a good manager. The extended distributions of Affiliated Foods’ products is an obvious attestation to the power of education and natural skills. Gregory Aziz is a kind person, and because of the far he has got, he likes to support and also provide for those he can. He, therefore, donates money for some activities in Hamilton.