Roseann Bennett Embraces Canine Assisted Therapy In Her Own Practice

  Roseann Bennett, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is leading the charge in the realms of counseling, therapy as well as psychology. Bennett saw the need for ongoing quality treatment for individuals who can’t afford expensive medical care. In recognition of the need, she teamed up with her husband Todd to start Center for […]


JojoHedaya is a successful business entrepreneur at only the age of 24 years. Jojo is the CEO of Unroll.Me which he co-founded with Josh Rosenwald. He is passionate about his work and believes in working hard. He encourages and mentors his employees from time to time. Josh and Jojo attended the Brooklyn College where they […]

Louis Chenevert Implementations in the Business Sector

Louis Chenevert is a prominent entrepreneur in Canada; he has extensive knowledge and skills on how to run any business hence he takes his time to enlighten upcoming investors on the right way to make investments to avoid losses in the company. He is Chairman and the CEO of United Technologies Corporation where he has […]

Clay Hutson ideas on venturing in the entertainment industry

Clay Hutson is a successful business owner in the music industry who seeks to achieve perfection in the live music experience. He owns an entertainment production company which he says was born out of his love for music. Among the work of Clay Hutson includes designing Billy Graham’s traveling outfit as well as managing the […]

Recovery Expert Victoria Doramus Reflects On Her Tipping Point In New York City And The Key To Beating Addiction

  Drug addiction can be scary and seem impossible to break as a recovery expert named Victoria Doramus describes what it can feel like with her own story on how she overcame her addiction, along with what she is involved in today. Before discussing the article from, Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist from New […]

Doe Deere talks about her vintage jewelry business

Doe Deere ventured into the business of cosmetics due to her interest in re-discovering her family heirlooms which had been passed down. She fell in love with the jewelry which gave her the ideas of creating jewelry designed for the girls who are living in the modern world but are into the colorful Victorian designs. […]