Recovery Expert Victoria Doramus Reflects On Her Tipping Point In New York City And The Key To Beating Addiction


Drug addiction can be scary and seem impossible to break as a recovery expert named Victoria Doramus describes what it can feel like with her own story on how she overcame her addiction, along with what she is involved in today.

Before discussing the article from, Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist from New York City and a recovery expert, after having undergone the whole process and coming to the realization that full-time commitment and network of positive friends would be the key to curbing her addiction.

She spent much of her time in rehab from being addicted to both Adderall and cocaine. Both can be extremely addictive substances and like many others she did not realize that there was an issue until later on. It took hitting rock bottom to realize there was a problem as she describes moving around from state to state, changing jobs, and losing friends. After several years of going through treatment at rehab centers, she realized that getting through it all would have to be through perseverance and dedication. Read This Article to learn more.

Accountability and wanting to get clean also can go a long way in the recovery process. New York City was where Doramus reached her tipping point, homeless and on the street, she realized that she needed to change, especially for her mother’s sake who was dying of cancer at the time. She was able to fight off her addiction but succumbed to pills prescribed from doctors. Going to a facility called Burning Tree would be the best thing she did as they had all the patients adhere to a strict schedule.

Victoria Doramus spent her time waking up bright and early every morning, praying and taking part in meditation, and working at a restaurant like setting. All of her hard work paid off as she was sober and even was able to catch a flight to see her mother in person. The marketer and journalist now spends her days giving back to the community volunteering for several charities and non-profits like Best Friend’s Animal Society, Room to Read, and several others. Now the individual strives to assist others who went through the same things that she had to deal with.


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