Richard Liu Expands Jingdong Operations


Richard Liu is an online entrepreneur from China. He also goes by the name Liu Qiangdong. He is the founder, and CEO of Jingdong, the largest retailer in China. The company was founded in 1998 and closed after six years of operations. Business was not doing well after the financial crisis in the country. Richard Liu decided to try his luck online, and this was the beginning of great things. Within a short time, the company served many customers. He showed what a real entrepreneur looks like. When his business fell, he did not give up worked hard to become successful again.

Jingdong sells magneto-optical products. It experienced tremendous success when it started and had 12 chain stores in China. Richard Liu decided to build a national logistics system to meet the rising demand for products. He noted that there was a logistics firm that could deliver to all clients in the country. People had to travel to nearby towns to buy goods and other products. It was an inconvenience that Richard Liu wanted to solve. He decided that Jingdong would create a logistics system to ease avoid or damaging products during delivery. This was a great move, and the company benefitted from it.

Moreover, Liu Qiangdong wanted to transform e-commerce and retail for its users. Richard Liu is keen on service and customer experience. The company has a team that tracks performance and customer satisfaction to get feedback on areas that need improvement. Richard Liu has been in the industry long enough to know that what kill companies is poor service delivery. To improve service delivery, employees undergo regular training and attend workshop seminars. Go To This Page for more information.

Richard Liu states having good relations with employees also helps in service delivery. Unlike other Chinese retailers, Jingdong adopted the habit of getting goods directly from suppliers and reselling to shoppers. This move eliminates unnecessary expenses and allows them to get quality goods. Richard Liu has a strong team in charge of daily operations. The company has grown to become the largest online retailer in China. The future is bright under Liu Qiangdong leadership. Liu is  strong, and a committed leader.


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