Roseann Bennett Embraces Canine Assisted Therapy In Her Own Practice


Roseann Bennett, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is leading the charge in the realms of counseling, therapy as well as psychology. Bennett saw the need for ongoing quality treatment for individuals who can’t afford expensive medical care. In recognition of the need, she teamed up with her husband Todd to start Center for Assessment and Treatment, a center which focuses on extensive as well as ongoing counselling for people from all walks of life.

She established the center from ground leveraging financial self-sufficiency and avoiding bureaucracy associated with companies that receives outside funding to build her practice. Roseann Bennett is the Co-Founder, as well as current Executive Director at the Center For Assessment and Treatment. She boasts extensive experience prior to co-founding the center to steer the company along a positive direction. She is currently working towards integration of “Canine Assisted Therapy” into various modules in her practice.

A lot of research has gone into establishing the relationship between the humans and canines. Canines’ needs, emotional changes, as well as desires have been found to match that of their human counterparts. Roseann Bennett believes in “Canine Assisted Therapy”. Anything that means enhanced treatment to her clients attracts her attention.

While pursuing traditional therapeutic measures, Bennett aims to achieve positive results observing canine assisted therapy experiments carefully. She realized that children have a strong relationship with their dogs that is rarely seen. Bennett figured that if dogs can help someone feel accepted without conditions, dogs can play role in therapy. She figured the relationship between therapeutic intervention and canines before beginning to integrate the technique to her own practice at the Center For Assessment and Treatment. View Additional Info Here.

Roseann Bennett works closely with her husband Todd who is also the Operations Director at the Center For Assessment and Treatment to serve their wide customer-base and even introduce the canine assisted therapy. They brought Jack, a therapy dog, to the family in 2018 it has since been trained and bonded with their own child.


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