Securus Technologies: Combating Contraband Devices

There is growing concern inside the correctional facilities across the United States and Canada, and the jail officers have already relayed their issue with Securus Technologies. The leading telecommunications provider in North American prisons promised the jail officers that they will be looking into their concern, and will do everything that they can to stop it. The problem that the jail officers are about is the continuous rise in the number of contraband cell phones being smuggled inside the prison cells. The jail officers wanted the practice to stop because it threatens not only the safety of the prisoners and the jail officers inside the correctional facility but also the people who are living outside.


Robert Johnson, one of the newest consultants of Securus Technologies, is the one who worked tirelessly with Securus Technologies to make the technology a reality. He was a former jail officer, and he had a near-death experience after he was attacked by two armed men in the comfort of his own home. He wanted Securus Technologies to pursue their invention because it would help a lot of prisoner and jail guards whose lives are in danger. When he was still working with the local North Carolinian correctional facility, he kept on confiscating the contraband devices being used by the inmates. Some of them warned him about his actions and threatened that they would be doing something bad if he would never stop. Robert Johnson thought that everything was a joke until the unfortunate moment happened.


Robert Johnson was shot six times by the two men who raided his house. His wife, having an alert brain, took him to the hospital and the doctors have claimed that it was a miracle he was alive. Because of the experience that he had with the correctional facility, Robert Johnson decided to quit. He chose to become one of the consultants for Securus Technologies, and he has been giving his idea to the company ever since he was appointed. After the company reviewed his idea of security-related technology, they managed to approve it and manufactured it. They also renamed the device as a wireless containment system, which would act as a giant jammer to deactivate all contraband cell phones.


Today, the wireless containment system is being distributed to all correctional facilities under the supervision of Securus Technologies. Robert Johnson thanked his company for believing in him, and he also added that Securus Technologies is indeed very serious when it comes to safety and security. According to Robert Johnson, the wireless containment system will be a big help to the local population of the vicinity where the prison is located. Prisoners would also have to buy their Securus Technologies devices and credits before they can contact outside.