Securus Technologies Combats the Serious Problem of Illegal Inmate Use of Cellphones

Cellphones illegally brought into correctional facilities present a truly serious security threats to institutions but also very real public safety issues as well. What many individuals to not realize is how commonplace illegal cellphones are in correctional facilities in the United States.


Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to a wide variety of products, services, and solutions utilized by correctional agencies in the United States. Based in Dallas, Texas, one of the solutions developed by Securus Technologies designed to enhance correctional institutional security is the Wireless Containment Systems, also known as WCS.


Through the use of WCS, a correctional facility is able to prevent the illegal introduction of cellphones into an institution. In addition, the Securus Technologies WCS is designed to isolate and eliminate cellphones that have ended up inside correctional institutions.


Securus Technologies provides shocking news regarding the prevalence of illegal communications by inmates within the confines of U.S. correctional institutions. Securus Technologies kept records as part of a research and analysis effort of illegal communications prevented by technology from the company. The research and analysis was undertaken at only eight of the thousands of different types of correctional facilities in the United States.


Securus Technologies reported that 1.7 million illegal communications by inmates were prevented by Securus Technologies. These disrupted illicit communications occurred over the course of a one-year time period.


At this time, Securus Technologies provides products, services, and solutions to over 3,400 correctional and law enforcement agencies in North America. The solutions provided by Securus Technologies reaches a combined inmate population of over 1.2 million incarcerated men and women.


Securus Technologies is not alone in warning of the real need to contain the illegal use of cellphones by incarcerated individuals. Robert Johnson, a former correctional officer, has made eliminating cellphones from prisons and jails his mission in life.


Johnson served as a correctional officer for the Florida Department of Corrections. One day, Johnson discovered a box containing contraband that an inmate attempted to have brought into the institution. Johnson’s discovery prevented that from happening. The inmate who attempted the smuggling operation was out for revenge and he had an illegal cellphone of his own.


The inmate took the easy step of using his illegal cellphone to call an associate in the real world. The inmate directed his associate, evidently a fellow gang member, to kill correctional officer Johnson.


The associate of the inmate broke into Johnson’s home. The man gunned down Johnson, shooting him multiple times and leaving him for dead. Johnson somehow managed to survive the horrific attack. He now shares his personal story, and his time serving as a correctional officer, to underscore the vital need to eliminate illegal cellphones from correctional facilities.