The Connection Between Art and Athletics

Most people assume that creative types and those that are more sports-oriented don’t tend to overlap too often, which had led to a variety of stereotypes in movies and television. However, research conducted by the Academy of Art University in Florida has shown that that isn’t the case. In contrast, the research has shown that the many important characteristics of growing up can be learned through either pursuit. This may be because both activities help develop similar characteristics and traits, although in completely different ways. One of the most obvious of these is the ability to handle criticism.

In the case of athletes, this is done by showing them how to improve their game, while it’s the same for artists, only with their preferred art form. There’s also the likes of time management skills. Athletes need to not only work in time for a game but also practice sessions, exercise and more. The same can be true for artists, who have to schedule out classes, practice, and other activities. This is all on top of the regular daily tasks that come with life. As a result, both athletes and artists need to be able to make the best use of their time.

Organizational skills are also something that can be needed for both pursuits. Not only do both need instruction, materials, and specific tools of the trade, but these also need to be repaired and maintained over time. Combined with everything else that comes with life, both need to be able to plan out their endeavors and pursuits systematically. This couldn’t be done without some significant organizational skills. With the many other skills that both athletes and artists learn through these pursuits, they’re learning some of the most fundamental skills needed in life.

The Academy of Art University is a practice-based art school that takes an innovative approach that enables students to create their own styles. Furthermore, the University allows students to blend talent, technical skills, and creative aspirations to develop a career out of their passion. The Academy of Art has also partnered with a variety of brands that look to hire and mentor students and graduates.

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