The Connection: South Korea, Blockchain, and Malcolm CasSelle

Currently a global sensation, Blockchain has taken over. South Korea is one of the countries that have welcomed this new technology with open arms. When you look at cryptocurrency exchange markets, South Korea is the third largest, with only Japan and Unites States ahead of the Asian nation. The citizens of South Korea have been undertaking crypto-currency transactions at a surprising rate. Even a recent increase in regulations has not slowed them down.

Lately, a South Korean court ruled to recognize Bitcoin as an asset legally. It is evidence of how cryptocurrency has rooted itself in the country’s culture. One of the areas using blockchain is the gaming industry. The South Korean gaming industry is the fourth largest gaming market worldwide. Both cryptocurrencies and gaming are on the high rise in South Korea.

Malcolm CasSelle is driving the South Korean gaming marketplace into a new future. He has a focus on newly created cryptocurrencies and digital currency use. Malcolm is OPSkins’ Chief Information Officer. OPSkins facilitates the trading of gaming skins via digital currencies.

Malcolm CasSelle is also President at WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). The company is a decentralized platform, which is a virtual marketplace that is fully-functioning. Via WAX, guys can carry out financial transactions without having to invest in payment processing, infrastructure, and security. Over 400 million people depend on WAX to trade and collect in-game items.

According to Malcolm, gamers are increasing their interest in blockchain-based technology gaming. He sees this as the right step in boosting the WAX ecosystem. Malcolm has noticed that indie developers are embracing the blockchain kind of gaming because of the ability to item trade securely.

Other than his reign at WAX, Malcolm has played a role as an international entrepreneur. At one point, he was President/ CTO at New Ventures. New Ventures is a venture under tronc. Inc. Malcolm has also served as General Manager/ Senior Vice President of DMSI (Digital Media and SeaChange International). The specialist is also a seasoned investor. Some of the companies he has invested in are Zynga, Facebook, and several Bitcoin-related firms.