The impact of The Chainsmokers in the music undustry.

The Chainsmokers is a band made up of two deejays namely Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. It has grown over the years to gain an excellent reputation both in the United States as well as other places. In the music industry the duo has specialized in the production of dance music and through its creativity has made the genre dynamic.

The two deejays started as people with passion and an urge to grow in music. For Alex, it began at a tender age as a hobby and at some point as a part-time career. The moment the two met was the start of the change of their lives as they took a step to use their passion for career purposes. Although they started on small stands, they have grown to be well reputed in their songwriting and beat production as well. It has gained a great recognition through several awards it has gotten over and over. Some of the prizes include the iHeartRadio Music Awards among others.

They have uniquely produced several songs as they try to be upfront rather than behind the scene deejays. Most of the music they produce thrives due to the work and process of formation and production used. For instance, the output of ‘somebody’ is unique and unusual. Alex and Drew use the social media platform to share on some of the tips they used to produce the song. As they state, the process of composition is tireless but with several interesting twists. Besides, the song contains a variety of pitch present. The presence of pitch change is due to the use of different vocals where a part of it comes from a different song. The method of pitched-up vocal samples exposes their creativity in production. Moreover, they use various musical instruments which add flavor to the song.

Some of the instruments include the synthesizer which produces electrical signals converted to sounds. Another device is a piano which creates a smooth sensation in the song. The Ableton is also present among others showing their dynamic in their work. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are knowledgeable and use their skills to the maximum which has made dance music have more audience and market.