The Life Of Gregory James Aziz


Who is the man that goes by the name of Gregory James Aziz? Mr. Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Steel Car Company as well as the company’s President and Chairman. The National Steel Car Company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario and is in the business of manufacturing the very finest railroad freight in the car manufacturing industry. The National Steel Car Company has also distinguished itself from other railroad freight manufacturing company by its receipt of thirteen consecutive TTX SECO award in thirteen years for being the authority in steal car manufacturing, which in large part may be ascribed to Gregory James Aziz’s unrivaled leadership skills.

Gregory J Aziz came into this world in London, Ontario in the year of 1949, on the 30th day of April. After graduating from high school, with the support of his family and the proceeds from the family’s business, Greg Aziz enrolled in Riley College to pursue higher education and a college degree. Mr. James Aziz continued his higher education pursuit at the University of Western in London and graduating therefrom with a B.A. degree in the subject of Economics. Even though Gregory James Aziz could have obtained a good job with his Economics degree, he chose family loyalty and started work at the Aziz family business called Affiliated Foods, whose business centered on selling fresh wholesale food to the Hamilton residents.

Then, some time in the late 1980’s, Greg Aziz traveled south of the border to New York to seek employment in investment banking. But investment banking proved an ill fit for Mr. Aziz and he left New York and return to his hometown to seek a job with the National Steel Car Company. At that time, the National Steel Car Company was a small company with a limited production capacity; but with James Aziz’s ability to lead and other talents, the National Steel Car Company was soon transformed into the top railroad freight manufacturing company in North America. Perhaps because of his many successes in business, Gregory Aziz can afford to be charitable, which he is in giving back to the Hamilton, Ontario community with the many food drives he and his equally charitable wife Irene personally organizes. The residents of the Hamilton, Ontario community has also benefited by the receipt of employment opportunities.

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