The National Steel Car in Association with Gregory Aziz

The National Steel Car was founded in 1912. Throughout history, the company has been associated with the quality production of railroad freight cars. Greg Aziz purchased the company from Dofasco in 1994. Over the years Greg Aziz has made significant changes in the National Steel Car to improve its quality and meet the customers’ needs.


The National Steel Car is currently the leading railroad freight car and tank manufacturer in North America. This was his objective all along. The firm has been awarded severally with prestigious awards. It is also the only freight car manufacturer in North America that is International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified.


The National Steel Car is not the only business Gregory Aziz in which he has shown great competence and success. After completing his Economics degree at Ontario University, he joined the Affiliated Foods. The Affiliated Foods is Gregory J Aziz’s family business that deals with wholesale food importation. 16 years later when he was leaving, it had been improved and was the most prominent conglomerate in the sector.


The National Steel has core values that they adhere to, to achieve their goals. For instance, they believe in the production of quality products to their clients. This is one way that has helped them maintain long-term relationships with their customers. Even when the company’s freight car production increased to 12000 from 3500 in 1999, they maintained the quality levels. The company increased the employees to 3000 from 600 to ensure the labor was enough to handle the workload. Find Additional Information Here.


The National Steel Car family also keeps on challenging themselves to achieve greater things instead of dwelling on the past achievements. They understand that everything great is outside the comfort zone. This attribute has helped to differentiate the National Steel Car from other freight car manufacturers.


As Gregory Aziz works to see that the company keeps improving, Gregory J Aziz honors the history of the National Steel Car. This is why their events that the former employees of the firm are invited and awarded for their significant contributions.

The society has also significantly benefited from the success of the National Steel Car Company. Many of them are now employees in the firm. They are also enjoying excellent social amenities and good infrastructure. The big number of employees has also expanded the market for the business setups in the vicinity.