The Paradise Of The South Pacific

Welcome to your oasis in the rainforest. The village of Fagali on the island of Upolu is steeped in sunlight and ginger flowers, a vibrant red for miles to come. From morning to midnight, flying foxes and tropical birds will grace your binoculars. You’ll bask in the bluefire of exotic cocktails and radiant sunsets stroking the horizons. Land and sea will satiate with fresh delicacies and marine life.

Whether you snorkel 4,000 feet beneath sea level or sit tableside at a seafood restaurant, you’ll enjoy a treasury of fragrant dishes according to An assortment of fish, clams, and sea apples await your tender palate. Award-winning chefs will prepare rare cuisines with oriental chilies and turmeric, curing ailments and promoting better digestion. From chicken curry to tuna belly in garlic butter, the meat will melt in your mouth.

Coconut oils will run through your hair, nurturing your scalp nightly. You’ll take a stroll under moonlight along the lush footpaths of the valley. Gannets will glint and glide gracefully overhead. Small seabirds will flap in the warmth of night. You’ll catch a glimpse of the red-footed booby as you explore Fagali hand in hand—gasping in delight.


Fagali is indeed the paradise of the south pacific. Her villagers, rich in kindness and hospitality, are some of the friendliest people in the world. Hotels, restaurants, and resorts alike are praised annually in top travel magazines for both their luxury and endlessly good manners.

Concierges are only steps away. They’ll direct you to the finest leisurely spots in the area. Golf clubs, gyms, and sports fields are nearby and quite popular according to Tourists and expatriates from around globe speak highly of them. You’ll admire the size and scope, the serene greenery, the verdant tracks and tranquil atmosphere of the grounds—each and every course handsomely manicured and kept spotless for your enjoyment.

Booking a flight in Fagali’I Airport to the fabulous island of Fagali is only a click away. Fagali’I is a very nice airport. You’ll soon be sipping the local beer, dipping raw fish into coconut cream!