About Boraie Development and its projects

Among the many companies that involve themselves in real estate, Boraie development so far has proven to be the most successful and efficient in as far as real estate and property management are concerned. The company attributes its success to the fact that they always ensure that they work with an expert and well-equipped team, beginning from architects to the contractors and basically, every other person who is involved. Their main goal is always to finish on time as well as to provide quality projects.

Boraie development has its latest project in New Brunswick, in New Jersey. The project is an apartment building. The apartment is situated only a few meters from the Brunswick train station, and this is advantageous to working citizens who will just have to leave their houses, walk a few steps and get a train to work. There is ample parking space. And it gets even better by the fact that there is an elevator that takes one directly from the parking to the lobby. Security is totally ensured as there’s a doorman there all day long. The apartment has 238 units, therefore, meaning ample space.

Boraie development got into a very fruitful partnership with the famous basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, in 2012. This was, however, not the only project that Boraie development took on in partnership with the athlete; they had so many others around New Jersey which were all successful.


Boraie development is clearly soaring high in the world of real estate, as has been illustrated above, and it would only be apt if other companies in the same field emulated their steps.

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