The Work Of Tim Ioannides


With nearly two decades of experience, Tim Ioannides has made quite an impact as a physician.. Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, a dermatology center that has multiple locations. Currently he has five locations in different places including the Port St. Lucie, and Indian River counties of Florida. Ioannides and his staff are known for a customer first proactive approach. His unique philosophy has brought him great success with his many patients.

Tim Ioannides earned his degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine. He would go on to serve an internship at the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center. Ioannides has also spent any hours studying and training at the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Ioannides sees Medical Dermatology as his calling. Go To This Page for more information

Shortly after he finished his education he became a board member for the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Mohs Surgery and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. After years of helping patients he now focuses on students. Tim Ioannides is an Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

Tim Ioannides is an entrepreneur at heart. He has earned valuable experience working in the area of modern dermatology. This specific area focuses on cosmetic enhancement, and cosmetic procedures. In an effort to pursue his true passion Ioannides eventually moved on to open his own practice.

Ioannides’ primary focus became medical dermatology. From there eventually moved on to open Treasure Coast Dermatology. Ioannides continues to make an impact at this location. He also gives lot of his time, energy and money to charitable organizations.