U.S. Money Reserve Aids With Hurricane Relief

U.S. Money reserved partnered with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) and raised over two hundred and nineteen thousand dollars for victims of Hurricane Harvey. The distributor of precious metals is based out of Texas with offices in Houston, Beaumont and Austin reacted quickly setting up the relief initiative for the victims of the unprecedented hurricane on the coastline of Texas. Donation to the ADRN’s relief fund for Hurricane Harvey were matched though the YouCaring Page for the U.S. Money Reserve during September.


U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angela Koch stated that they were compelled to help fellow Texans because the hurricane could have easily had an impact on anyone. Harvey affected customers, family, employees and strangers hitting close to home. It will take a lot of resources to rebuild and it is the U.S. Money Reserves’ duty to aid neighbors. The company is proud to support the ADRN in the efforts to aid the recovery of Hurricane Harvey victims.


All of the money raised went directly to aid storm victims in the Gulf Coast Region of Texas. The Executive Director of ADRN stated that it was with help of U.S. Money Reserve and businesses like it that financial demands of responding to the disaster were met. August 25, 2017 Category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit Texas making landfall on three separate occasions in six days causing two feet of rain during the first twenty-four hours. A third of Houston was underwater during the peak of Harvey on the first of September. Thirty nine thousand people were moving into shelters as a result of flooding.


About U.S. Money Reserve


One of the largest private U.S. government issued platinum, silver and gold is the U.S. Money Reserve which was founded during 2001. It grew into the largest private distributor of foreign and U.S. government issued legal tender and thousands of clients rely on them for the diversification of their assets in the form of silver and gold coins.


Numismatic professionals and coin researchers who have expert knowledge of the market to find the highest potential profit for buyers of precious metals make up the team of the U.S. Money Reserve. The goal is for every customer to have a long term relationship with them though outstanding customer service.