Unroll.Me founders Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald

Unroll. Josh Rosenwald and Jojo Hedaya developed me. This occurred after several arguments between the two partners where Jojo sent Josh mails, and he did not get quick replies or any replies at all. When Josh was asked, he always gave the excuse of having a lot of junk mail which made Jojo’s emails untraceable.

It is then that they saw the need to come up with a lasting solution for the junk mail problem. Junk mails comprise of newsletters and updates from different subscriptions in a person’s inbox. Some junk mail is, but when the emails become too many, it may cause a lot of disorganization in a person’s inbox and hence a problem like that of Josh. This, therefore, saw the birth of Unroll.Me which was developed out of the frustration that Jojo Hedaya sometimes viewed his partner as unreliable.

Unroll.Me is a program which usually operates by scanning a person’s inbox and then compiling all emails that are from subscriptions into one folder, instead of them showing up on the critical mail folder. Jojo Hedaya and his partner Josh refer to this process as a Rollup. The roll-up can be programmed by the mail owner to begin at their convenient time or day, and it is not invasive in any manner or form.

According to the two business partners, the venture has come across some challenges, but this has not stopped them from flourishing. They point out that there are other applications similar to Unroll.Me but they can be a bit invasive as they are electronic applications, which is why people are advised to use Unroll.Me.

Through Unroll.Me, a person is even given the option to unsubscribe from updates that they no longer find necessary. The application has been in operation for two years, and users keep increasing by the day.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald were actually both brought up in New York, and they studied at Jewish schools and coincidentally, they got accepted to the same college in Israel where they met for the first time.

Their friendship became stronger after the realization that they shared a birthday which is December 30th. The two had so much in common even when at school which made people confuse them for twins.

However, they did not graduate as they moved from one school to another while trying to freelance in their areas of skill which involved computer technology. They, however, advise their mentees to never drop out of school as all knowledge is good knowledge.