Vinod Gupta Is A Success Story


Vinod Gupta is an entrepreneur and business executive, and is General Partner of Everest Capital Partners, located in Nebraska. Gupta was born in India, in conditions where even basic amenities were not always available. However, today, Gupta is an enormously successful businessman. This article will discuss his inspirational success story.

Born in 1946, Gupta’s family lived simply. His parents worked to provide the essentials, but things like running water, electricity, and cars were not considered to be essentials. Vinod Gupta always loved learning and came to the United States in the late 60’s where he attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He earned a Master’s in Business Administration. Visit This Page to learn more.

One accomplishment that Gupta is known for is compiling a list of every United States mobile home dealership. He was frustrated with inaccurate and incomplete listings, so he took the 4,800 available yellow books, and worked with a partner to make a master list. His boss at the time was not willing for Gupta to use company time or resources for the project, so Vinod Gupta worked out of his garage on his own time. Despite the enormous challenge, Gupta completed the list, and made so much profit from selling it that he was able to open his own business in 1972.

Business Research Services and American Business List expanded rapidly, and by 1997 was seeing revenues of over one hundred million dollars. The company sold for 680 million dollars in 2010. Gupta had established a name for himself as an outstanding businessman.

Currently, Gupta is a philanthropist with a focus on promoting education. He has donated more than fifty million dollars to various worthy organizations. He makes an effort to give the most assistance to the ones who need it the most. For example, his contributions have benefited his birth village, and the educational pursuits of women. Vinod Gupta has experienced tremendous success, but is happiest to share that fortune with others.

Vinod Gupta granted an interview to Gazette Day, a digital publication known for its high-profile, top-quality interviews, in late May 2018 – he included Effective Business Lessons for businessmen and entrepreneurs who wanted to succeed in business like himself.