Vinod Gupta Joins IdeaMensch For An Insightful Talk

Vinod Gupta is the founder of InfoUSA and recently joined IdeaMensch for an interview.


Mr. Vinod Gupta doesn’t spend nearly as much money as what’s in his nest egg

Like all wealthy people – or at least most of them – Mr. Gupta does not believe in spending gross amounts of money on objects, services, or anything else that cannot readily make money in the long run. One thing that Mr. Vinod Gupta does enjoy spending money on is the Wall Street Journal, one of the most popular publications for all things business and current events.


The Wall Street Journal contains a wealth of information on what’s going on in the world of business all around the globe. Other publications often aren’t as global as the WSJ is, leaving readers hung out to dry when it comes to being fully covered regarding everything that is going on around planet Earth on all days of the week.


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The power of social media and company

Vinod Gupta has untold respect for social media platforms. He was asked by the IdeaMensch team, “What is one [computer program] that helps you be productive?”


Mr. Vinod Gupta responded that “digital platforms” are a major boost to productivity, particularly the likes of social media. With social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and including YouTube – in combination with programs that make automated marketing nothing more than an afterthought – treating all customers exactly how they want to be treated is entirely possible. Doing so without the help of social media take exponentially longer to complete. Engaging in such tasks manually also runs the risk of entering incorrect information like typos and incorrect usernames, making the business you represent look terrible. Automated programs do not feature that risk unless initial information was wrong in the first place.


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